There is a lot of grey areas with weight loss.

There is nothing that is “black and white”

There could be one person who weighs 200 pounds who would say “How did I get to this enormous weight” and then there will be someone like me, who throws their hands in the air and says “Yes, I am at goal!”

There are some who believe frozen dinners are the way to go and others who think they are a waste of money.

Some people lose weight by working out at home, some by going to the gym, and some do not even work out at all.

Some need the support of blogs and bloggers, and others could care less.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has lost weight differently.

There is no such thing as a “perfect diet” or a “right or wrong plan”. I learned all of this during the two years I have truly changed every aspect of my life.

I will say one thing about weight loss….

Do not ever say you do not care.

We all make poor decisions from time to time.

We will all gain weight.
We will all skip workouts.
We will all be unmotivated.
We will all pick the television over running.

Yet, when we say ‘I do not care” it means so much more.

To me, it means you do not care about yourself. It means you do not care about your family or friends.

But more than that, it means you are a liar, because you do care.

We all care. We all will make poor decisions from time to time. It happens.

But a poor decision does not ruin a lifetime.

Not caring does.

So with the Resolutions coming soon, look in the mirror and tell yourself you care.

Because you do.

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