I have never been a fan of cheaters.

I think that people who cheat on their significant others are weak people. They do not have the courage to get out of a poor relationship (or are in a good relationship and make selfish moves) and they make decisions for their own personal happiness while hurting others.

I think people who cheat at work are weak people. They can not get the results they need, so they “alter” numbers or people to get “false” results. It makes it harder for others to achieve those results.

I think people who cheat in school are weak people. They could not take the time and effort to study of a test, so they get the answers from someone else. It stinks when you work hard for a B and someone else gets an A for doing nothing.

With all this being said, I do not believe there is “cheating” in any eating plan.

In fact, it makes absolutely no sense to me when someone says they “cheat” on a diet.

There is no perfect diet out there, although we wish there was. But…..

What is great is the way you eat.
You know what you can handle and what you can not.
You know what is “clean” to you and what holidays you will struggle with.
You know how your body reacts. Maybe you do great with portion control, maybe you do not.
Maybe you hate working out, maybe you would rather sacrifice going to the gym.

Yet, people always say they “cheated” on their diet.

It sounds naughty and spicy.

Like you should wear a leather jacket and smoke in the bathroom when you are not supposed to.

A “cheat” day sounds exotic. Think about it, a day full of indulgence and pleasure.

Anything you want!

But so many plans out there are designed to eat what you want. That is why they are successful. Weight Watchers made their billions on the premise you can eat what you want, just smaller portions. The one thing I do love about WW is that there is no such thing as “cheating”.

So why say “cheat”? You are not cheating, you are living your life. Maybe you are struggling, maybe you are doing well. But a piece of chocolate will not make you gain 200 pounds.

Yet, a piece of chocolate will make me eventually gain 200 pounds.

So stop saying the word “cheat” on your plan!

9 times out of 10, you should just say you are not losing weight.

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