Remember that contest I did, the “Missouri 60”?

Yeah, about that…..

I really never talked about it, well, because….

Fine, I hate weight loss contests and challenges! I can not believe I did one.

I tried to be like everyone else, and do some sort of inspirational contest.

One that you would look at and say…..

“Wow, that looks great! I want to lose weight on Tony’s challenge! He is SOOOOO inspirational!”

After I did it, I was embarrassed. I wanted to make a name for myself, and I did it in a way I really did not believe. I do not believe in challenges.

But this past week, someone who was in a slump (Yes, not is but was) said the most brilliant thing.

Diana had a post called “Day 1, does this mean I am a failure?”

Now Diana is a success story who was (hence the word was) struggling.

After reading the post, one thing stuck in my mind. The brilliance of Day 1!

Do you remember Day One on your plan?

Remember the night before Day 1?

You are focused and determined.

You go to your loved one and tell them you are ready to change your life.

Of course they look at you and give you a happy “Woot!”

You fold your workout clothes so you do not forget them. You set three alarms for 5am so you can go work out. You have all of your meals planned!

And then……

Day one hits! And it is a FABULOUS day!!!

You go outside and see unicorns and rainbows.

People throw cookies at your face, but it does not matter to you.

You made a commitment! You are stoked.

No is your favorite word.

Do you want pasta? NO!
Do you want cake? NO!
Do you want a hug? Only if it is sugar-free, otherwise NO!

You go to the gym and bust out 20 minutes on the elliptical! 20 minutes! Afterward, you are so happy, you do the Kid ‘N Play with Kirstie Alley!

You end the day tweeting all of your friends that this is the new you!

You have done it, you made it through a wonderful “Day 1”! You are a success!

I would love all contests if it was only Day1.

Yet, day 2-60 get in the way. Those can be the rough ones.

So my suggestion to you, make every day Day 1!

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