So the other day I asked which do you like more, Facebook or Twitter?

Now, I am like most of you, I love Facebook. I love knowing people by their real name, I love Bejeweled Blitz, and I love leaving comments. I like giving my wife a thumbs up, and I like writing a funny status update.

Here is why I am not as fond of Twitter as I am of Facebook….

I stink at Twitter.

Yes, I am not a good weight loss Tweeter.

See, in my opinion, there is an art to being a great Tweeter. You must have a really good blend of letting people into your life, re-tweeting motivational quotes, leaving good direct messages, and using the @ often.

I am way to cynical for Twitter. I think that re-tweeting something is lazy. I mean, be creative, do not waste a tweet on what another person wrote!

I am way too snarky. Every comment I leave is sarcastic. It throws people off after they read this blog. Yet, people like snark on Facebook.

Plus, Out of the 400 followers I have, 200 of them have a sexual avatar and try to sell me porn or send me a direct message that says “Is tthis you?”

With all of this being said, I have mad respect for the weight loss Tweeters that are good at it.

I do think that being a good Tweeter takes talent.

I will use my talent for Facebook.

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