I read a comment on some one’s blog that hated when blogger’s write in third person

This is where I wish my name was “Sweet Pickles” Posnanski.

“Sweet Pickles” says the best cardio is hiring your neighbor to chase you around with a knife. “Sweet Pickles” guarantees that you will not stop running no matter how cold it is outside.

“Sweet Pickles” thinks that Fruit Roll-Ups are fruit. I mean, “Sweet Pickles” does see that Fruit is in the title. Why not? Roll yourself in that stuff and dance.

“Sweet Pickles” does not understand how many American Pie movies are out there. “Sweet Pickles” understands the first and second, but now it is just kids, girls, and Eugene Levy.

“Sweet Pickles” loves the new workout video infomercial called Insanity. Perfect name if “Sweet Pickles” was going to buy it.

“Sweet Pickles” likes coffee. “Sweet Pickles” also thinks if you get whip cream, milk, white chocolate flavoring, sugar and a splash of coffee, it is the same. That is a “Sweet Pickles” exclusive!

“Sweet Pickles” did not understand the whole Tiger Woods thing until “Sweet Pickles” heard that one of the ladies was a waitress at Perkins. Pancakes at 2pm, who can resist!

“Sweet Pickles” does not want to hear about how cold it is where you are. “Sweet Pickles” is surviving through 60 degree weather! Yikaroonies!

“Sweet Pickles” loves inspirational quotes. Unfortunately, 2 Live Crew did not write one twenty years ago when Luke Skywalker penned “Shake it, don’t break it, it took-ya mama nine months to make it”.

“Sweet Pickles” thinks that you can achieve your goals today just as easy as you can on the 1st. You better not be on “Sweet Pickles” cardio machine on New Years Day. Ohhhhh, “Sweet Pickles” gonna be mad!

“Sweet Pickles” is holding on to a Swatch Watch and a pair of overalls just in case the styles of Bell Biv Devoe come back.

This post was approved by “Sweet Pickles” Posnanski!

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