Today is my birthday!

That is right, now I am 34. Mid Thirties. Or, I could say Thirty and Flirty (wink wink) yet 34 and a snore sounds better.

I feel a little lazy. I woke up at 8. I usually wake up at 6.

I stole the title for this blog from the first blog I saw on the side of my blogroll.

Yet, I am about to go to the gym. After I am going to buy some chicken and squash to cook. I am going to spend some time with my family and then workout again tonight.

I never tell you all thank you, so I am saying it now. You know me from my 500 words I write about Fiber. You know me from my pictures. You know me from my sporadic comments.

Yet, as much as I inspire some of you, you do the same. The encouragement about my blog really made this year great.

Coming back and back to my blog to see what I write next shows that I have talent.

And for this I say thank you.

You are a big reason I am having a great birthday!

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