I am going to have some New Years Resolutions. But help me with them. I want any creative idea you have, except anything with weight loss or working out. Those I will focus on anyway.

Maybe I should be less annoying
Maybe I should post more about trees
Maybe I should fly to California
Maybe I should crawl under a rock
Maybe I should make a lot of money
Maybe I should give you a lot of money

Give me some ideas if you can. If you really need I prize for the most creative, I think we have some out of date Chef Boy-Ar-Dee’s in my pantry that I need to throw out*.

* I am pretty dedicated on my plan to have Chef Boy-Ar-Dee’s that are out of date. That stuff never goes bad!

Also, off topic, weight loss is not a job. Why do people take days off? Just say you are not eating on your plan.

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