A few months ago I wrote how I was the world’s worst weight loss blogger.

And I still believe that I am.

Although I do love to write about my weight loss and things around me, I will never be a great blogger.

Trust me, I am okay with that.

See, you never know when I am going to update my blog. I will go a few days without blogging, and then write three days in a row.

I rarely comment.

Now I do not really respond to emails.

Although I was the biggest “Send me an email and I will respond!!!!” advocate, it all stopped when I spent 15 minutes on a reply to :

“We are alike. Can you give me some health tips. I eat clean also, except I love cheeseburgers and will not live without them. Do you love cheeseburgers?”

I realized I could have spent those 15 minutes with my son.

I do not have giveaways. I have turned down a lot of “freebies”. So many that companies stay away.

I do not have any guest posts on my site. If I want to promote someone, I will link them, not have them write something that they could write on their blog.

I have no desire for blogging conventions. They do fascinate me, yet I would never go.

I am a poor tweeter. I do not use hash marks (#momspotting) nor do I ask where my “tweeple” are.

I do not say I have fans or readers. I do not know why that bothers me, but it does. I do not like when people write “This is for my fans” or “My readers would like this”. Who are you, Mark Twain?

I do not inspire through words but actions. Sure everyone struggles, but it makes no sense to me how people want to motivate others when they do not have the energy to work out, or the desire to eat well. Inspiration does not come through blogs, but the mirror or the eyes of your children, wife, husband, mother, father, etc. Maybe that is why Erik bothers me.

How is it that I can write something that will make you cry one day, and make you mad the next?
How I can write something so loving then something so hateful?
How can I inspire you one day and then have you un-follow me the next?

Because I am not a great weight loss blogger.

I am an honest 400 pound guy who could not wipe his ass. Who could not hug his wife. Who could not breathe properly and who could not have a child.
I am a guy who would have six pounds of Chinese food in front of him while his wife watched with tears in her eyes. The only thought through my mind was “I hope she stops looking because I want to finish my food.”
I am a guy who day in and day out now gives 110% in life. I do it for my family. For myself. I was never inspired by a blog or a post. My family inspired me every day.

Maybe I just expect the same from everyone else. That is my downfall.

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