The Jared picture has been everywhere now.

I first saw it on Perez Hilton, and then it was on ET, and then other networks.

It is not really a shock. Lately on his commercials, his face was looking a little bigger. His shirts were not tucked in. Sometimes they would show him shoulders up, and in the latest commercial, there was a table in front of him.

Everyone struggles with weight loss. It is not a fix for life.

Weight struggles will be around longer than Subway, Twitter, Facebook, Tony Horton and Alli.

Yet, nothing angered me more than how AOL depicted him on That’s Fit.

You would think that a blog that deals with health and weight related issues would not use phrases like “toting some extra baggage — and not the kind on two wheels either.” and “But straying too far from his staple of turkey and veggie subs has obviously caused his waistline to spread as quickly as mayonnaise.”

Yet, they did not. They blasted him like everyone else in the media has, and they are supposed to be on our side.

That is how I know people do not get it. People do not understand.

No one is cured of obesity. No one throws there hands in the air and reigns supreme on “Portion Control”.

We all fight it. We all stay in the ring as long as we can.

Jared has. For 10 years, he has battled. He has been an outspoken advocate to eliminate childhood obesity.
He has written a book and inspired others.
He has done more than you and I have.

Yet he is gaining weight. What is a 30 pound gain to you is a million pounds to the gainer.

Trust me, I know.

I would never blast the guy.

I am “The Anti-Jared” because I can not lose and maintain a loss of 200 pounds by eating a sub. I changed the way I eat.

I have proven that. I love my name.

I also have an incredible respect and admiration for Jared. For what he has done. For what he can do. For the people he has helped in life.

I am proud to be a 200 pound loser, just like Jared. I hope to inspire as many people as he has, although I doubt I will.

I hope he pulls through this. I know how hard it can be. I support him 100%.

And I will not blast Jared or make cracks. I know where he have been. I know where he is now.

The media does not. That’s Fit does not. Perez Hilton does not.

So for everyone who is giving Jared a hard time now, I challenge you to walk in his size 60 pants 10 years ago.

I challenge you to deal with the struggle of weight gain.
I challenge you to deal with the scrutiny.

I have done all three. Good luck.

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