It is hard for me to believe that I have been on this journey for nearly two years now!

I lost most of the weight the first nine months, and maintained the rest since.

Out of all the pictures I have, the weight loss, and working out, the most asked question is:

“So you do not splurge at all? You work out so much, you do not treat yourself to a burger or ice cream?”

Here is the way I look at it:

In two years:

I had a baby
I got promoted at my old job, and I am doing very well at my new one
Inspired people with my story
Able to hug my wife
Put on 32-34 waist pants
Wear medium anything!
Work out six days a week, now know as an active person
Not tired all day
Have eaten different fruits and vegetables that I have not ever dreamed of
Gained self-confidence in areas such as writing and being a father

Also in two years:

McDonald’s menu is virtually the same as it was
Burger King’s menu is virtually the same as it was
Taco Bell’s menu is virtually the same as it was
Ben and Jerry’s has not come out with a flavor I have not had
Chinese food is the same

I would have missed out on life if I would have stayed the same. Everything that kept me down can stay the same.

I am glad I am different

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