128 ounces
By Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski

I have a dog
Her name is Bee
She poops on the floor
And loves to pee
I have a cat
His name is Moe
He is very cute
Just a little slow
As silly as my animals can be
There is one thing that strikes me
I never had to ask Bee or Moe
To make sure to drink “Your H2OOOOOOOOOOOO”

I can not understand why you go a-glitter
And brag about drinking 56 ounces via Twitter
Drinking water is not a marvelous feat
It is a necessity, like breathing and food to eat
Yet people make it out like it is so hard
They want to pull out the “I am too busy” card
“I can believe I forgot to drink it don’t you see!”
“I could not stop at 7/11 and buy a Fuji!”

We all have our struggles, most make us cringe
We all sneak a snack, even binge
We all skip a workout from time to time
Even have a delicious Bombay Sapphire with a lime
We all will gain and lose weight don’t you know
It is okay, we get the fact that we Yo-Yo
Yet, it makes absolutely no sense to me
That we forget to drink water, a necessity.
When we do drink it, we throw our fists in the air
Like we won a Super Bowl, like the 85 Bears.
Here is a piece of advice you can take from me*
Drink lots of water,it is free!!!

Sorry about my rant, it was a bit long
For inspiration, I am sure Jack Sh*t has a dandy of a song!

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