It is a weird thing. When I read weight loss blogs now, I do not look at the amount people lose each week, I look at their habits.

Let me back up a little.

I was asked this week how did I become such a good blogger.

It was a question that really stumped me. If you read my blog, you know that I really do not consider myself a great blogger.

But thinking that I am a bad blogger is stupid. Obviously I am good at it. People read my blog, follow my blog, and know a lot about me. People come back every so often to see what I write.

Some people comment, some do not. Some follow, and some just pass by.

Either way, people read.

At first I thought it was because I lost a lot of weight. 200+ pounds is a huge amount to lose and keep off.

Yet, there are other bloggers who have lost a lot of weight who are not as popular. Why me?

There are other bloggers who are creative.
There are bloggers who are honest.
Why do people come back to read my blogs?
Why am I a good blogger?

Then it hit me.

The other day I was at the grocery store. I picked up eggs and salad mix. I was not in a rush to leave. The checkout lines were not that big. Yet, I went to the “10 item or less” line*.

*I have always thought the “10 item or less” line was stupid. I have always believed that a good cashier will make any line go faster no matter how many items the purchaser has.

Anyway, the guy in front of me had 14 items. Yes, I counted because I am crazy.

I looked at the guy and said :

“Hey, I am in no rush, and it is no big deal, but you do have 14 items.”

He looked at me and got mad.

“Like it really matters. It is 14 items. Close enough! Deal with it. Is it really going to ruin your day. You really care!”

I didn’t get mad, but just looked at him and said “Just Sayin.”

That is why people come to my blog. That is why I am a good blogger.

I notice things, just like you do but I say it out loud.

See, you are not stupid. You see the same things I see in weight loss every day.

I notice when someone loses 3 pound, yet two days later they gained 5?

We all give them a Woot, yet I know what you are thinking. I know what you want to write. I just say it.

I give praise for good trends. People who resist temptation, who work out, who better themselves each day.

Anyone can run 3 miles before going on a scale.

I am not a “no nonsense” blogger. I do not wear combat boots and yell “Drop and give me 20!”

Yet, I know when you have 14 items. We all do.

I just write it.

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