Yesterday, I got a Direct Message on Twitter from Mizfit which said:

would you ever do this?

She exposed herself on her blog.

Now, I am pretty sure I was not the only one who got it. I was not singled out. Yet, it made me think.

So many people are stripping down and revealing themselves.

To me, a guy who was over 400 pounds, that is not revealing.

I am going to expose something different about myself. See, you know a lot about me, yet you know absolutely nothing about me.

You know those tank-top pictures you see of me plastered on my blog. Although that is me, that is a quick glimpse into me at the gym.

The truth is that I hate wearing tank tops. I have never worn one for over ten minutes. I only wear it to take pictures for my blog and then quickly put on a sweatshirt. When I take pictures in my backyard,I am wearing a tank-top for 2 minutes.

Here is the true Tony at the gym and in life :

Under Armor Skull Cap– When I was losing weight, I always promised myself I would buy something by Under Armor. You always see athletes wearing the brand. Once I started losing weight and working out, I kind of felt the shirts were pretentious. But I did make a promise to wear the brand, so I always wear the skull cap, to remind me of reaching a goal.

Florida XL sweatshirt– I am not a Florida fan. I bought the sweatshirt for $4.00 at Kohl’s. I am proud of the deal! I have always worn hoodies. It was the only thing I felt comfortable in when I weighed 400 pounds. It reminds me of the struggle. I also always wear sweatshirts 1-2 sizes bigger than I need. When I used to wear them, they were always tight. I do not want that happening again.

Wal-Mart Starter sweatpants– This is rare. I always wear sweat shorts. It could be 30 degrees, and I would wear sweat shorts. I got these when I was visiting my parents in Charlotte last year. It was 2 degrees outside, and I wanted to work out. Before going to the gym, I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought these so I could workout. These remind me that weather will not be an excuse for me.In fact, I will not make excuses.

Mis-Match socks– One is bigger than the other. I was in a rush today, and I really did not care as long as they were both black.

Nike shoes– When I was over 400 pounds, I had to wear a size 12 shoe. After losing weight, I can now wear regular shoes in my size 10 1/2. These are the second pair of Nike shoes I have ever owned.

You would be shocked if you met me. I do not talk about weight loss.I am very shy. I would rather hear about your life then tell you about mine.

I do not like when I hear people call me”The Anti-Jared”, so few people outside of the Internet know about my blog.

I love chatting with people on Facebook, yet do not answer as many “weight-loss” emails anymore because I am not a weight loss expert. Just someone who put a plan into action.

I guess I can be summed up in two statements:

1. I am a fat kid who does not want to be fat anymore

2. I am popular enough to be different

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