Over a year ago, I got this comment:

The Anti-Jared’s Proud Wife said…

I’ve been reading my wonderful husband’s blog for a few months now, and during that same time I’ve watched him come alive in a way that would make anyone smile. He’s happier, healthier, has more energy than most people I know and is loving life. I love him and I am so proud of him for making incredibly smart choices every day.
To anyone who doesn’t believe in the success or power of the changes he has made in his life, well, too bad. You’re missing out. My husband and I are going to have a wonderfully, long healthy life together. I’ve said for months that I have WW to thank for that, but really, I have my husband to thank.
All our friends and family who have seen him evolve into a new man over the last 8 months are amazed. Anyone who eats dinner with him for the first time at home or at a restaurant ends up reconsidering what and how they’re eating.
My best friend came to town this weekend; she hasn’t seen my husband in person in over a year. She’d seen this blog and his pictures. She’d heard me brag about how proud I am. She heard me check and see if there were “snacks” she wanted me to pick up for our weekend other than the fruit, veggies and fiber-filled food that fills our cupboards. I’ll speak for her and say, she was truly amazed.
It really doesn’t matter whether or not you believe what I’ve witnessed. It only matters what my amazing husband and I know–he did this for himself and for us and for the rest of our lives.

Nine years ago today, I met my wife.

I met her on a blind date

Which is funny, because I hate surprises

The blind date was at a bar.

Which is funny because I do not drink.

I knew the moment I met her I would spend the rest of my life with her.

Which is not that funny, but very true.

If you ask 100 people the meaning of love, you will get 100 answers.

So here is my take.

Love is not Valentine’s Day.
Love is not Birthday’s.
Love is not Christmas.

Those are easy. You know in advance to be sweet. You know you need to get a gift or take someone out to dinner.

To me, love is the hard day. The hard year. The times when you want to run away, yet you stand by someone’s side.

It is the day you move to Buffalo because your “girlfriend” wants to be close to her family.
Love is trying to help your “fiance” lose weight while he is on his way to 420 pounds.
Love is learning together how to raise a beautiful baby boy.

My wife and I have made many sacrifices over the last nine years. We never dwell on them.

What we do is make each other better.

That is love.

I see so many people in unhappy relationships who think to themselves

“I wonder what I could have had?”

I think

“Man, I know what I could have lost!”

My wife never made a meal for me during my weight loss or maintenance.
She never worked out with me.
She has never gone to a WW meeting with me.

Yet, I could not have lost the weight without her.

For nine years she has made me a better person. She has pulled the inspiration and encouragement out of me. She saw “theantijared” when I was 420 pounds. When no one else saw it.

So today when we woke up, I looked out the window and got a little upset.

“You know, John (my neighbor) really needs to take care of his yard or I am calling the HOA!”

My wife looked out the window and with a puzzled look said:

“You are crazy. John’s yard looks awesome!”

Yeah, but it does not compare to the really green grass on my side.

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