A few months ago, I received this comment:

priorfatgirl’s mom said…

You are right…we sure can point out what we don’t love.
Thanks for the reminder

What would you do if you woke up one day and your life changed?

What used to be left was right.

What was up now was down.

What was right was now wrong.

How would you react?

How strong would you be?

I think about Jen’s passion every day.

I think about the amount of strength she has to live her life although the most special part was taken tragically.

I think about her courage.

I think about how she is strong for the people around her. For her father, for the man she loves. How she is an inspiration to her sisters and her followers.

I read her blog and admire her more and more.

She is right, no one would care if she skipped the gym. No one would care if she ate Kit Kat after Kit Kat.

I would not judge. Jen’s courage is amazing. Her journey is amazing, beyond the weight loss.

Yet, she does care. The beautiful girl looking in the mirror in Minneapolis cares.

And that is important. That is inspiring. That is fantastic.

Jen, I love your blog. I think you are a strong human being. I think you are beyond inspiring.

You have helped me know there is more to life than weight loss. So much more

I am also confident that there is one person who might not comment on your blog anymore, but is so amazingly proud of the person you have become.

Just like the girl who looks in the mirror day in and day out is. Keep winning the fight of life.

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