My bloggie friend Carlos is not blogging as often, so I decided to steal his Wednesday secret telling post.

Now, he is much more exciting than I am. He has all those fantastic risque tales. Yet, I do have a couple up my sleeve:

I have a phobia of being late to anything. I have never been “on time” to anything in my life. I am usually 30-45 minutes early to everything.

I love the comments that Foolsfitness leaves.

No matter if it is a funny post or serious post, he leaves the same type of comment:

“I am sorry to hear that you lost a limb. Here at Foolsfitness, we would give an arm and a leg to have your courage!”

There was a point in my life where I hated my name, and I tried to have people call me TL. It did not work.

I, like Carlos, hate roller coasters. When I was younger, I got sick off of one called “Scooby Doo“. Yes, I lost all of my Scooby Snacks!

That is all. He only puts one up secret on his blog, so I decided to put up four.

What “secrets” do you have?

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