Ahhhhem, where do I start. Oh yeah, my name is um, Tony, and I am um……….hold on. Let me get my notes out so I say exactly what I am feeling, although that cake looks tasty!
That is much better! My name is Tony Posnanski and I was over 400 pounds. I have been overweight my whole life doing diet after diet. I am not lazy, yet I was not very motivated. Living was hard, and it seems like food was the only enjoyment I have.
That is a shame I thought living was hard because I have a wonderful family, a great wife, and a beautiful baby boy.
Well, in February of 2008, I went to the doctor who told me I needed to make a change or I would not be on this Earth for very long. What do I do? I have dieted forever, why would this time be different?
Because I will not diet. I will change what I eat. I will be active, and I will become a better person.
So I said goodbye to being over 400 pounds in 2008.
And said hello to November 2009. Over 200 pounds lost, and the pictures to prove it.

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