Move over Roni and Blogher!

Are you ready for Mega-Crazy-Fit-Her/Him-Blogoganza 2012!

Well, since I never get asked to the Blogging Proms (Blogher and FitBloggin) I have decided to make up my own! Kind of like the USFL to the NFL. Well, actually, kind of like tag football to the NFL.

I am going to have my own conference. It will be a two day affair at the lovely TGI Friday’s down the road from me. You do not need tickets, just make sure you order an appetizer when you come in. I hear the Pot Stickers are to die for!

Now, my conference is going to have a start studded cast of people speaking. Actually, I do not have anyone yet. But I am going to ask a few of your favorite bloggers to come out at talk about different topics.

Day 1-

Theantijared (The only one that I know will come out)-

Talk about how to turn off comments
How to make a 750 word post over an anonymous comment
Favorite apples
Jared vs. Tony
How to write a letter to Weight Watchers and blog about it over 75 times
The importance of double spacing

Since that will take up 30 minutes, I need to invite other speakers (This is the first round of invites, there will be more soon):

Invited so far to speak:

Jack Sh*t
The importance of the * between the h and t
How to apologize to famous musical artists

How to use words like “F*ckt*attle” in a blog
Slurpees– Fact or Fiction

The Fabulous Fatties
How to share a Twitter account
How to use the word FABULOUS in everything

Fat Daddy
How to Rant!
Did I mention how to Rant!

Actually, I really do wish that FitBloggin and Blogher would ask you to speak. It is amazing how you put your life into such beautiful words. I just put you in because you are my friend (like everyone else on here) and I did not want to leave you out.


How to buy a $2 Halloween outfit and be the toast of the town
Is it a good thing to be the “toast of the town” in Vegas?

TURBOKICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready!
Is Manhattan KS the same as Manhattan NY?

Now these are just a few people I am inviting to speak.

There will be more later this week, hence the part one. Lets make this a rootin tootin rockin fun time. Maybe I will even buy the first round of cheese fries.

Do you want to come? Tell me what you would talk about.

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