Earlier this week, I was coming home from work. It was a closing shift, so I left around 1am.

While driving home on the highway, I noticed two bright lights in front of me. A car was going the wrong way on the highway, right at me.

I swerved off the road quickly, and luckily did not hurt myself, anyone else or my car.

I immediately called 911 to alert them of someone driving the wrong way. They could have been drunk, on medication, or someone who did not know any better.

A couple of hours after the incident, my mind started to wonder.

I was only a half a mile away from a bridge.
If I was on the bridge, I would not be able to swerve out of the way.
I also thought about if I did not react quickly enough.

Then I realized something……

Two years ago, if I did not change my life I would not have to have worried about this. If I did not eat differently, if I did not work out, if I did not have a different mentality, I do not know how my life would have turned out.

I might have been divorced.
I might have been unemployed.
I might have been dead.

I would not have a wonderful son. I would not have wonderful followers.

But I did make that decision, and now I love everything that life throws at me, no matter how difficult.

Everyone takes today to tell people how thankful they are.

I will take the other 364 days to do that.

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