There are some days where I wish I was like other dieters.

I wish I lost the weight on a low calorie plan.
That I ate six small meals a day.
I monitored how much water I took in.
I wish I would post great low-calorie recipes and post my workouts.

Those are very few days!

Earlier this year, I tried to do something called “Maintain My Maintenance”.

I wrote a letter to a good amount of food companies (General Mills, Dole, Etc.) and talked about my story. I also asked if I could get samples of the foods that I eat for plugs on my blog.

One company was very interested in me ( I will not say the name, but let’s just say they have their initials on eggs).

I told them how I eat their eggs a lot. When I am in the grocery store, and I get hungry, I would buy their pre-boiled eggs and eat them. People would look at me funny, yet, I did not go crazy and eat everything insight. Just those eggs.

They sent me a e-mail and asked me to go into detail on how their eggs helped me lose the weight.

I told them how I loved eggs and how healthy eggs are. How I changed the way I ate.

I got back this e-mail:

“That is great. Do you only eat our eggs? I mean, we are not looking for a Jared spokesperson.”

For twenty years, I have felt like a weight loss failure. I would try a diet and wonder why I could not succeed.
For twenty years, I have felt like the world has laughed at me. Society would tell me to buy a pill, or eat a certain way, and I would, only to find myself unsuccessful.
For twenty years, I blamed myself for my weight. Well, I deserve a lot of the blame, but not all of it.

All I had to do was send an email back to this company and tell them I only use their eggs (Like they would have ever known). I could have told them I eat 20 eggs a day, and I could have given them a ton of egg recipes. Who knows where it could have lead to.

Yet, I can not lie to people. You will not lose 200 pounds on eggs. You will not lose 200 pounds on subs or any gimmick.

Once you lose the weight, it is not easier. It is easy to say I lost three pounds this week. It is hard to say I maintained this week.

I was offended by the email. I am like that. The stupidest things set me off.

Yet, that is why I have lost 220 pounds.

Instead, my reply was:

” Your eggs are $2.99 a dozen, regular eggs are $.89 a dozen. Do the math! And my name is Tony, I do not eat subs.”

If I want to be popular, I just need to update my blog more.

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