People who are successful with weight loss or fitness gurus love to give advice.

They want everyone to lose weight as well, so they just throw it out there.

Drink more water, it will make you feel full.
35 grams of fiber a day. Did you know most people only have around 8 grans a day?
Six small meals will help you feel full.

You have heard it all before. We all have.

Well, I was no different. When people would email me for advice, I would give the same generic information.

Yes, I lost 200 pounds by watching my Caaaaaarbs, and increased my Pro-teeeeiiiiinnnnn. Eggcellent! Hence the Egg!

Then something changed. I realized why I was different.

I heard a comment that someone made at a Weight Watchers meeting.
Then I heard it on the Today show from someone who lost over 150 pounds.
The last straw was when I was listening to Valerie Bertinelli getting interviewed and she said the same advice.

That piece of advice was:

“Remember, the first bite is the best. It will never be as good after that!”

That is when I realized that weight loss advice is stupid.

The whole reason I gained over 200 pounds is because the second bite is just as delicious as the third and fourth.
And then when I was done, I was looking in the refrigerator for more.

“God-Dammit!!! I know we have more Nutter Butters!

People hear that stuff and think “You know, they have a point. Why didn’t I think of that!”

They are really thinking “Nah, it is still darn delicious!”

Maybe it is just me.

I mean, I hear people tell me:

“I can not believe I just ate a Big Mac!”

Where I hold one in my hand and say:

“Wow. These were much bigger in 1996. I better order two.”

Sometimes I look at my wife and baby and wish I could be more mainstream. I lost over 200 pounds and transformed my body. I look different than most weight losers. I was over 400 pounds last February!

I wish I could believe that you could use the 35 Weight Watchers Points for anything.

If I did, they would have called or emailed me.

I wish I could believe that Jillian Michaels was inspiring.

If I did, then maybe I would have an email relationship with her.

I wish I lost my weight on a strict portion control diet.

If I did, then I could call Jared and get a sponsorship from Subway.

I changed the way I live my life.

I have maintained my weight for almost all of 2009. I did it by, and say it with me…..

Eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats and working out with free weights

If I did not change the way I ate, and just lowered my calories while eating the same foods, I would be 303 pounds right now. I would be looking for anything to keep myself from getting back to 400+ pounds:

“What pill was that?”
“Challenge, oh I am so in!”
“I am going to get back on track tomorrow!”

I know this, I have done it for twenty years.

My portions would get larger and larger, and I would try anything to keep the weight off that I lost.

Yet, I have stayed the same.

Why, because I am different than I was.

I am okay with eliminating certain foods from my life. I do not remember them being delicious, but rather helping me not be able to live my life.

I still love working out. The foods I eat give me energy. Not make me feel bloated or sluggish.

I will never give generic weight loss advice. I have tried, and sounded like a goober every time.

I am not going to belittle you by telling you to move a little.

You should know that. I should have known that.

I am not going to tell you to eat less.

You should know that. I should have.

In fact, I am horrible with advice.

What I am brilliant with is waking up every day and maintaining.

Making sure I make choices I have known about for the last twenty years, yet now have the courage to practice.

Not fooling myself with a low calorie chocolate muffin that I will eat seven of.

So if you want advice, I am not the best person to ask.

Unless you look at my pictures on the right, they speak for themselves.

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