Dear Prevention Magazine,

My name is Tony Posnanski.

I have written you about my 220 pound loss in January. You wrote back that in order to be considered to be featured, I would have to maintain the loss for at least six months.

Well, I have maintained my loss for ten months now (Pictures are on my blog at I have gotten stronger and more confident.

As someone who has struggled for so long, it is a weird feeling to know that this is something I can do for the rest of my life, not “Until Christmas”.

Well, I have been asked how I lost the weight by so many people.

Today for the first time, I am going to give a glimpse of my success.

The Twix Bar
By Tony Posnanski

It is 2am.You are in a horrible mood

Work was rough for you today. Why do you even work there you ask? They have no respect for you. All they do is yell at you for no reason.

Your husband is in a bad mood. You tried to put him in a better mood, but that just made him more angry. You wish he was more supportive!

You can’t sleep. This new diet is killing you. It doesn’t matter though, tomorrow you will show a loss.

You snuck a peak on the scale today and it said you lost three pounds!! Yeah, three pounds!

Either way, you go to the fridge at 2am like you have for so many years. It is like a force of habit.

You open the freezer and you see a gold wrapper that you have not seen in a while. Tucked behind the frozen broccoli that you have devoured all week is a King Size Twix bar, all frozen and ready to be eaten.

No one will know or care that you ate it. Your husband is sleeping. He is not supportive of your journey anyway. He said he likes his women “curvy”.

Work will not care. They think you are weak anyway.

The scale said you lost three pounds this morning. You do the quick “weight-loss” math that all dieters do.

Hmmmmmm, a Twix Bar divided into a three pound loss taken away a mile run and multiplied by not wearing shoes to the weigh in equals a 2.4 pound loss.

So you would still have a successful week. No one would know you ate the Twix, nor care. Except you!

What do you do?

That is why I am successful this time. I care. The most important person cares.

Weight loss is not about diets, it is about courage.

The courage to make the right decisions when no one is looking. To make these decisions day after day, week after week.

People do not realize it, but when you start making these types of decisions work gets better, your spouse looks at you different, and you start looking at yourself different.

You walk straighter, you pants fit better, and all of the sudden you are a new person.

These decisions are hard at first, actually seem impossible.

Once you start making the more and more, it gets easier. Life gets easier.

If you do not get this email that is okay. I am on this journey for life. I will send another one in a few months.


Tony Posnanski aka theantijared

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