I have been out of the diet loop for a while.

I used to know all of the hip new products coming out, and the cool trendy diets out there.

So it is odd that today is the first day I have heard of The Cookie Diet.

I did not read about it and I really do not know how it works. All I could think of was…

That sounds DEEEELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Growing up, there was always a cabbage diet or a grapefruit diet.
There was a diet where you could not have carbs and one where you could not have any fat.
There were diets that you could not eat anything after 3pm and ones that made you cry because all you could eat was ice.

But a cookie diet?

Well, that sounds fantastically shameful.

You are taking two words that are polar opposites and putting them together!

Kind of like that genius who put peanut butter and chocolate together. Mr. Reese I think.

Well, the cookie diet had me thinking a little today.

Maybe it was the cookie or the fact that I had to drive for over two hours to pick up a barrel of pickles.

Either way, here were my thoughts:

1. As a kid, is there no better treat than a bowl of Cookie Crisp for breakfast. I mean, it is a bowl of cookies. You look at your Dad when he gives this to you and think “Oh my God, he just gave me a bowl of cookies. He must be Willy Wonka!”
Yes, Cookie Crisp is a bowl of heaven!

2. I used to love chocolate chip cookie dough. The laziest person must have started this fad. He/she started to make cookies, and then said “Nope, don’t have time to make cookies. I guess I will just eat the dough instead!”
By the way, that inventor was named Tony Posnanski.

3. How many chocolate chips can you put in a Chips Ahoy cookie. Every time I look at the package, they are always adding more chips. Why don’t they just make a big chip with cookie crumbles around it.

4. Generic Oreo cookies are gross!!! I get generic products, but spend the extra ten cents and buy the real Oreo cookies.

Side note– I feel the same way about Pop Tarts.

5. How come Macadamia nuts are in cookies, but nothing else? Is there a salad that has them?

Then I got to think about diets that might be more exciting than the cookie diet:

The Fruity Pebbles Diet- Fruity Pebbles was the best cereal as a kid for me! Like a big bowl of Skittles!

The Cold Pizza Diet- Dipping the crust in Ranch dressing would be optional.

The Ben and Jerry’s Diet- Any flavor would do!

The “Fun Size” diet- I think candy makers have it wrong. They make small candy and call it “Fun Size”. They should take the King Size, double it, and then call that “Fun Size”

So after twenty years, I now see a cookie diet. Well, I will never try it…..

Nah, I got involved with the Apple Diet.

It seems to work.

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