In 2001, my wife Rebecca (girlfriend at the time) came up to me and said :

“I want to move back to Buffalo, NY.”

Now, we lived in Charlotte at the time, where I grew up.

I have lived in many cities, but Charlotte is by far the most beautiful city I have lived in. The people are nice, the streets are clean, and the economy was booming!

My family lived in Charlotte. I had a great job in Charlotte. There was no reason to leave.

Rebecca wanted to move back to be close to her family. That was her home town. We only knew each other for a little over a year. We got along really well, just like today.

If you’ve never been to Buffalo, here is how you can get the experience:

Go to your freezer, stick your head in, then punch yourself 20 times in the face.

That’s Buffalo!!

When Rebecca said she wanted to move back to Buffalo, without hesitation, I told her I would go with her.

She never asked me to move, but I knew she wanted to. It was important for her to be close to her family. She never had to ask me, because I would always sacrifice for her. Just like she would do for me.

We lived in Buffalo for about a year and a half.

Every day I would pray it would not snow. I do not think God had time for Buffalo.
I worked for much less than I deserved. My boss was a real Scooby Snack.
The city was filthy. No one just moves to Buffalo for a change. Most people who live there want to get out, like prison.
We struggled with money. There were tense times, yet we made it through.

Sacrifices have made my life better. It has made my relationship with my wife better.

It has made me better.

After losing over 200 pounds now, I know I could not have done it without my wife.

She is the one that would run errands so I could go to the gym. The one that would buy apples for me. The one that would tell me I should write a book.

Every day, I love my wife more and more. We have our moments, but we are both very good about picking out battles.

I do think the relationship I have with my wife has everything to do with weight loss. I am with my wife for life, just like my eating habits.

I do not mind sacrificing certain foods. I know the end result.

People think that weight loss will come to them. They will wake up, read a motivational quote on Twitter, and everything will come into play.

Ohhhh, I get it now!”

Well, it is not like that. There are hard choices. Sometimes it is not popular with your friends.

It is easy to drink beer with the guys. It is hard to tell them no.
It is easy to eat your Wife’s brownies. It is hard to tell her to give them away.
It is easy to watch TV. It is hard to go to the gym day in and day out.

This is a lifelong commitment, not something for a couple of weeks.

Anyone can lose six pounds in a week. Eat like crap five days, eat less the sixth, take off your shoes, get naked and jump on the scale on the seventh.

You are not fooling anyone!

It gets easier, but it is how much you put into it.

Just because you do well one day does not mean you can eat what you want the next two days.

Weight loss is funny. Just when you think you understand it, it hits you in the face.

Just like Buffalo.

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