When I was a freshman in high school, I won the top thespian award.

It was a huge deal for me. I was really involved in drama. I was the lead in both plays at school.

I worked real hard to memorize my lines and I did a great job in the plays.

I received the award at an assembly at school. Both my parents and brother came to see me receive the award.

It was a shock that I won it. As an overweight kid, it felt good to succeed at something

Now, when I went up to get the award, I did not have to tell 10 things about myself and then give the award to ten other people….

Which is why I do not understand Blogger awards.

I do not get it. You get an award that someone designs on their website. At first you think:

“Wow! Someone really likes me. They love my writing!”

Then you realize they gave the award to ten other people. I mean there are millions of bloggers out there, you are one of ten.

Okay, you still feel special, but still, ten other people?

Then you have to do some work. You have to write a couple honest things about yourself.

Well, isn’t that what a blog is? Honest things about yourself? Now I have to write more?

Then you have to give the award away to other people?

Wait, I just got this award, now I have to give it away?

Not fair!

Here is what gets me though. I do not understand why people give this reply:

“I know I am supposed to give this award out, but, I like so many blogs, I can not give it to only ten, so I am not giving it to anyone.”

That is weak. If you actually do receive the award, you can not think of ten other bloggers?

Whose feelings are you going to hurt?

Listen, I am no ding-a-ling! I lost over 200 pounds. If I did not, my blog would not be popular. My sentences make no sense sometimes. I think people like my actions more than my words. In fact…..

I am sure of it.

There are some people who I love, yet their blog is not for me.

I love weight loss blogs.

Lyn, Carlos, Jack, Diana,Tony, Tony, Tony, Fat Daddy, Jen ,Mary, Sean and many others appeal to me because they talk about the struggles of weight loss.

There are some bloggers who write about cooking, fitness and parenting that their blog does not appeal to me.

Yet, I love the people who write the blog. How they support me and others.

It is not mean, just how I feel.

So maybe one day I will win an award for my blog. I still have a lot of work to do.

But I have written over 1000 honest things about myself already. Do not ask me to write ten more.

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