1. The employees at my grocery store do not ask me if I need help with my groceries. They used to ask me all the time, but now I look like I do not need help. Hey, it would be nice if they asked!

2. I can fit in a restaurant booth. I still look at a booth and cringe. I need to realize I can fit into one comfortably now.

3. I can put on a seat belt in my car. I still drive without it on sometimes, then remember I can wear it, and put it on quickly.

4. I can tie my shoes. I still walk around with my shoelaces untied.

5. I do not need to go to a handicap stall to use the bathroom.

6. I have not chafed in over a year, not matter how hard I sweat.

7. People ask me for advice at the gym. I have to get used to that. A lot of times I just stare and walk away.

8. I will not gain this weight back

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