I live about thirty seconds away from a 7/11 convenience store.

When I was over 400 pounds I LOVED 7/11’s! Slurpees galore!

They had Hostess Pies. Every flavor, which included chocolate.

As an overweight person, you have not lived until you have eaten a Hostess Chocolate Pie.

They had Little Debbie individual snacks.

They are a little bigger than the ones you buy in multi-packs, but it is a fantastic unhealthy snack at twenty five cents.

They had Cuban sandwiches. Oh yes, they will grill them upon request.

They had four microwaves with every microwavable snack known to man. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, burritos galore. They also had a “King Size” Hot Pocket.

Pepperoni please!

They had all the candy bars. Yes, even the Heath Bar.

Mmmmm, Heath Bar.

They also had Taquitos. It was your favorite dish wrapped into a little corn tortilla.

Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wing, and Pesto Chicken.

They also had fresh pizza and wings.

I remember buying doughnuts, muffins and cookies as well. They were fresh daily.

Ahh, the 400 pound delight!

Well, the other day I was hungry, so I stopped at the one by my house.

I was shocked to see apples, oranges, pears and hard boiled eggs. They also had fresh fruit cups.

I bought an apple and mango. When I was checking out I told the clerk that I was happy to see the fresh fruit. He said…

“Huh! I have been here for six years. We always had fruit!”

Hmmmm, amazing the perspective I have after losing over 200 pounds.

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