Well, tomorrow is Halloween. You know what that means…..

The end of 2009 weight goal dreams!

Well, it does not have to be.

Here is how it always went for me in the past

I would promise myself that I would not eat a lot of candy on Halloween.

I would make this promise, yet buy 10 pounds of Kit Kats to give out when only three kids came to my house.

After eating all the leftover Kit-Kats, I would make unfair deals with the neighborhood kids:

“I will eat your Twix and leave you the delicious Sweet Tarts!”
“Crunch Bars are gross! I will take those from you, and leave you that Double Bubble Gum!”

At the end, the “Fun Size” candies would amount to 6000 calories.

I would beat myself up, yet still have a Kit Kat wafer hanging out of my mouth.

Then I would try to get back on track. Never really did, but Thanksgiving was around the corner.

I remember going on the Internet and looking for great low calorie dishes to make for the festive holiday.

Every one of those dishes had green beans in it.

I would promise myself that this Thanksgiving would be different.

I would make that dish, and brag to everyone that I have Thanksgiving all figured out!

Then at the end of Thanksgiving, I still had a full bowl of green beans. Why you might ask…

The reason is that everyone else made classic items. Butter and Sugar galore!

I would say “only a bite”, yet consume over 6000 calories.

I would try to get back on track, but Christmas/Hanukkah was around the corner.

I would try to tell myself that “Christmas/Hanukkah is about family and being around friends.”

Yet, 6000 calories later, I was ready for January 1st with resolutions in hand, and 30 more pounds around the waist.

I would beat myself up for 60 days. Thinking I was weak, wondering why I could not do the “healthy lifestyle” thing.

Maybe I am the only one who has gone through this cycle.

Now, every day is the same for me. I learned about consistency.

But that is not everyone. So here is my advice, the advice I wish I would have listened to.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are three days. Basically , it is three days out of the final two months of the year.

That is 5% of the rest of the year.

Three days will not make anyone gain 30 pounds.

So enjoy those three days, guilt free! Eat what you want. Do not fool yourself with low calorie options. Eat the candy and your favorite items.

Concern yourselves with the other 57 days of 2009.

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