Okay, time to get your opinion on a couple more things. Don’t worry, I am still going to write about MSNBC articles and Weight Watchers. I know, you are at the edge of your seat pressing refresh on your computer hoping these “dandy” posts come up, but give it some time!

1. Which blogger are you dressing up as for Halloween? (If you pick me, get a Hoodie, Cauliflower and a iPhone!)

2. Best song to dance to.

3. Do you agree that you should get “blogger awards” for the work you have done on your blog and not get the award and then have to do more work and give it away to others.

4. Facebook or Twitter?

5. Which 80’s fashion do you wish came back in style (Sebago shoes, Triple Fat Goose Jackets, JAMZ, etc.)

Thank you for your help!

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