“If you really hate anonymous comments then why don’t you just take that option off!!!!”

Because sometimes they are exactly right and exactly what I need to hear.
“why can’t you get someone to take your picture? You always take it yourself. Are you embarrassed to ask someone to do it? Why can’t you get your wife to do it?”


Those pictures that I take of myself do not resemble my time at the gym. See, I work out in a hoodie and shorts all the time. I have over 40 hoodies and 20 pairs of shorts.

Oh, how I love hoodies!

I hate wearing a tank top. I wear it for maybe 27 seconds of my time at the gym. I take a couple of pics on my phone and then throw my hoodie back on. I just do it to see progress, not to show off.

The next step is showing my wife the pictures and asking her the same four questions:

“Do I look like I work out?”
“Can you see definition in my muscles”
“Do I look okay”
“Do I look like I work out?”

Once she says yes to all of the questions then I put it on my blog.

I once asked someone to take a picture of me at the gym and it was the most embarrassing thing in the world. I went up to the guy and said:

Uhhh, can you take a picture of me for my website.”

I probably should have explained to him that it was a weight-loss blog and I lost 200 pounds. Instead, he might have thought I was posing for “Untan Weekly”. Before he had a chance to answer, I said quickly:

“Never Mind! You need a spot or something.”

It is hard for me. I never took my shirt off at a pool or played shirts/skins basketball, although I did once eat five pounds of potato skins while watching basketball.

I never was considered “in shape” or “muscular”. This is new to me.

This summer I finally accepted it. That anonymous comment really brought it home for me. I am in good shape. I should be proud of having my wife take my picture.

So Tyler, I am no longer taking the pose that we both have. The self-shot is all yours now. By the way, great job on the over 100 pound loss!!!!!

My wife took this pic of me in our backyard. After the picture I looked at it and put it on my blog.

I did not ask the four questions.

Missouri 60 revelation #2- I am in good shape.

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