This is one of my favorite pictures of me.

It was taken last year at 288 pounds. I just lost over 130 pounds. The sweatshirt and shorts were both XXL and the first time I have worn that size in years. I was eating healthy and feeling great.

I love this picture because this is where I should have quit……….

but I did not.

Over the years I have lost a lot of weight. If you are reading this blog, I will assume you have done the same.

Well, every time I lost weight very quickly at first, and then it did not come off.

I would be in a “plateau” stage.

Being in the “plateau” stage of a plan is the hardest thing in the world.

You question your eating and workout plan.
You look for other options.
You ask yourself if this is really worth it.

Once you question yourself, it gets hard. You do not understand why you have done so well before, and now it does not work.

You look for other diets. Anything to get that scale moving like before.

Hmmmm, maybe I should add more protein.
Hmmm, maybe I should add more fiber.
Hmmmm, maybe I should cut out coffee.

Well, this time was different for me. At 288 pounds, I did not care if I lost another pound.

I could walk again.
I could hug my wife.
I could shop for clothes at a store that did not have XL in the name.

I lost 170 pounds the first 8 months of my lifestyle. After that, the scale barely moved each week. A pound here and a .4 there. It did not matter.

And that is when I saw the most changes in my body.

For the first time I realized that the scale is important, but my confidence was more important. I was eating well, and I loved it. I would not change it.

My pants fit better each week.
I was able to run around.
Life was better now.

I could have said I was in a plateau. I could have changed up how I ate.

I am glad I did not.

So I asked about the P word, and if dieters use it too quickly when they are dieting.

Well, I do believe in plateaus. But I am glad I ignored this one.

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