I took a leadership class in high school.

We each took turns to give a”motivational quote” each day.

Well, when it was my turn, I had no idea what to put up.

I was thinking about it when I saw a Orkin commercial where the “pest eliminator” said

“Just remember! For every one cockroach you see, there are 1000 more you do not!”

Well, sounded good to me!

So I put that quote on the overhead projector the next day, and the reaction from the class was funny.

They looked at the quote as if it was profound. Like there was some hidden meaning.

I just wanted to get a stupid quote up.

Well, my teacher did not find the quote profound. After class, she took me aside and told me how disappointed she was:

“You know, leaders lead by example. I asked for a motivational quote, and you put up something stupid. You are not a leader.”

Now, I am very respectful to authority. I always have been and always will be. But I did say something to Mrs. Windle that I should not have:

“Well, motivational quotes are stupid. I am not going to be motivated by someone else’s words. I might not be a leader, but I am not a follower either.”

Almost twenty years later, I still feel the same way.

I hate motivational quotes. I hate the fact that people try to say something so fantastic.

I hate the fact that people look for them so they can make it trough the day.

Dieters always look for motivational quotes. They feel the need to be inspired by others.

People need to inspire themselves

They want that “magic trigger”. When they are having a bad day, they can look at a poster or Twitter and see some quote:

“Reach for the stars! You might get one, and they are low calorie!”

They see the quote and then think “Thank God I just read that! You are right, life is not about food.

Why didn’t I think of that!”

A quote does nothing for me.

People inspire me. People motivate me.

Anyone can make a quote.

Were those people great mothers/fathers?
Did those people follow through with their goals.
Were these people as inspirational as their quotes?

I get inspired every day by looking in the mirror.

Actions speak louder than words.

Well, there is one quote that does inspire me:


Hanes Corporation

I live by it every day!

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