It is funny. I have probably 50 ideas to write about now.

I have my Missouri 60 results, plateaus, Weight Watchers, and so many other weight loss topics to write about. Even a couple of sweet videos.

Yet, I am going to wait a little…..

You see, when I woke up, I saw my blogger friend Brandi upset with a comment she received on Friday. The comment talked about her character and the way she is living her life.

Brandi seems to be an awesome person. She has always left me a great comment and been supportive of my journey.

Read a few of her posts. You will see that she is a normal 20 something woman. Trying to get her feet wet in the world. Saving money, looking for love, while keeping a healthy perspective on working out and food.

Brandi, I might not comment on your blog a lot, but please remember one thing……

I think you are better than the Anonymous comment!

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