I have had a lot of bad overweight days. Lately, I keep on thinking about one in particular.

It was a couple of years ago in July. I do not remember the exact date, but I do know it was a Saturday.
I was supposed to be off of work when the phone rang at 8am. When your phone rings at 8am it is not a good thing.

“What are you doing?”
“Great! I need you here today. There is a catering and I need you to help me at the store. Be here in a hour”
“See you then!”

I was irritated. Not because I had to go to work (this happened a lot!), but because I did not have any clean clothes. Yeah, I did not wash either shirt that would fit me (Yes, I had 2 sweet shirts!)

I got ready for work and wore a shirt with a huge ketchup stain on the front. It was the best of the two shirts!

I remembered that stain, it came from Double Cheeseburger number #3!

I got in my car and was off to work. About 2 minutes into the drive, I was full of sweat. I turned the air conditioning to high only to feel hot air on my face.

Yup, the air conditioner was broken.

Driving to work I felt dizzy. I remember coughing and a splatter of blood went all over my windshield and a little on my shirt.

Great! Now I had blood and ketchup on my shirt. Oh yeah, and I was soaked!

I wiped the blood with one of my McDonald napkins next to me and finally arrived at work.

When I got in everyone was looking at me. At 420 pounds, you always feel like people are talking about you as it is.

Well, this time I was correct.

I guess being one hot sweaty dirty ball of pork did not help the cause.

I went into the office and my boss was not thrilled.

“You can not work like that!”

” I know sir, I do not have another shirt.”

“Just go to Wal-Mart and get another one.”

That was what no one understood. I wore a 5xl, Wal-Mart went up to 2xl, 3xl if I was lucky. I could not just go and get another shirt. I already outgrew my chef jackets. I had two shirts I ordered from Casual Male XL.

“They do not have my size.”
Uhhh, well, go to the freezer and cool off. I need you on the floor!”

I went to the freezer. Steam was coming off of me. I felt humiliated, sloppy and disgusting. I hated it!

After a few minutes I was still sweaty but a little colder. I put an apron on after tying some more string to it. I was able to cover the ketchup stain, but the blood stain was still there.

Not only that, but I smelled pretty ripe. For ten hours I was working with everyone looking at me like a slob.

I felt like one as well.

I thought about this today. At work, my chef made some orange chicken. We had some cool test products at our store and he was being….well, a creative chef.

“Tony, chicken is healthy! Eat some.”
“Nah, that is okay. Looks great though. You are very talented. I think I will make a piece of salmon.”
“Do you want me to make the salmon for you? I can make a awesome glaze with it.”
“No, no. I appreciate it though. I will make it. I am kind of a plain guy.”

I left work to do a two hour workout. My gym is closed for Labor Day. I needed to get a real nice long workout in.
At the gym, there was one point where I could not see. There was so much sweat on my face from the StairMaster. It felt good.

You know, there will always be holidays and delicious food out there. There will be days where I want to give up, and mornings where I question myself. There will be plateaus and unfair turns in my life. There will be obstacles and twists. I know, I have messed up for over 30 years!

But I am confident about two things now.

1. I want this!
2. I will always be able to get a shirt at Wal-Mart.

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