This is for everyone who has struggled with weight.
My name is Tony Posnanski. Eighteen months ago I was 420 pounds…..
Well, 420 pounds is an understatement.
I could not wipe myself in the bathroom nor could I tie my shoes.
I was written up twice at work for being called “lazy”.
I could not wear a seat belt nor could I fit on an airplane seat.
More than that, I hated what I have become.
I hated the fact that I got so big. That I struggled with weight my whole life. That I could not control what went in my mouth.
I felt like a failure.
Eighteen months ago I set of to do what I have “tried to do” millions of times. I wanted to lose weight.
I dieted for a week before I went to Weight Watchers. Here is the reason why…
I did not think the Weight Watchers scale went over 400 pounds.
For eighteen months I have lost and maintained a huge amount of weight.
For eighteen months I have learned to eat healthier
For eighteen months I have been dedicated to working out.
Finally after all of that time I realized something….
I deserve this…….and so do you!
Whether you have 10 pounds or 200 pounds to lose, you deserve the best for yourself. Yeah, it sounds “Tony Robbins like” but it is true.
I was the worst of the worst.
I once ate three doughnuts from the trash.
I deep fried a 20 oz steak and ate it in three bites.
I once ate three Burrito Supremes after coughing up blood.
I once ate a whole Pizza Hut Pizza after watching my wife cry over my weight.
Yet through all of that I found the courage to find my inner strength. To not make excuses on weekends or holidays. To go workout even when I did not want to. To keep working even when my weight loss each week was lower and lower.
I am proud of who I am now. At 33 years of age I am in the best shape of my life.
I am not dreaming anymore, this is reality.

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