Warning- Biggest Loser Spoiler Ahead!!!!

I absolutely hate the Biggest Loser! I hate everything it stands for and what it is about.

I hate Jillian and Bob. I hate the fact that they yell and scream at the contestants to “push them harder”.

“You can do this!!!!! Stop whining!!!!”
“I can’t!”
“You are pissing me off. Do this!!!!”

I hate the fact that people think this is what losing weight is all about. Shreds, Camouflage, Boot Camps, and “In Your Face” confrontations.

That is not what fitness is about.

Fitness is about making smart decisions at the gym.

Fitness is about pushing YOURSELF, not having someone else push you.

Yet, that is what the “trainers” do. I see it at my gym as well.

At 420 pounds, I hated everything about me. How I thought I was weak, how I thought I needed someone like Jillian to help me lose weight.

I never played a sport in my life. I went to the gym for a short time in the past, but mainly used the machines.

During this journey, I never had a trainer.
Never had someone yell and scream at me.
Never had a life coach.

I made hard decisions. I resisted the Snickers bar in my freezer. I looked at the positive of being at the gym for only six minutes.

Every day I made a commitment to get better. I still do.

Where the “industry” told me to eat six small meals a day, I knew I would have to be different. I was not going to stop eating at 5pm.

Where the “industry” told me to use “muscle confusion” in my workouts, which I will never ever understand no matter how many times you explain it to me, I didn’t.

Where the “industry” told me to try the “famous herb in some South American Village that miraculously works” I never did.

Where the “industry” told me I should not “deprive myself” of certain foods, I did. That is the best decision I ever made.

So the Biggest Loser sits there.

Millions watch.
Millions think that is the way to lose weight.
That you need someone to yell at you.
Where you need to be motivated by money?

There is no maybe about it anymore. I am different. I turned my life around. I eat like an athlete and workout like one, yet I never have been one. I turned this 420 pound man into a machine. I am a little selfish now, but will always be driven by unselfish reasons.

I will tell you one thing though…..

Jillian, Bob, or anyone else will not have to motivate me.

I do just fine on my own.

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