Okay, one more day of work and then I can sit and post. I have a lot of big things to talk about. SO here is another quick one:

1. I hate when people say they have a lot of big things to talk about. If I really had big things, i would have told you.

When you read the cliffhanger, your mind wanders.
“Did they get a divorce?”
“Did they win the lottery?”
“Did they do both?”

Finally they post and say “Here is my HUGE news. I ate zucchini and I loved it!”

So I do not have anything big to talk about.

2. The other day I received “The RootinTootin‘ Sweet Lovely Blog Award”. I won it along with 54 other bloggers.

When I went to receive it, would you believe Kanye West got on my blog and started telling people how Jack Sh*t’s blog is better and he should have won the award.

Wow, Jack, I know you have some followers, but this is ridiculous!

3. What happened to K-Mart? It was so wonderful when I was younger.

4. If I could choose between being a great singer or a great dancer, I would sing. I wish I could sing.

5. Converse All-Star’s and wide feet do not work well together.

6. Why won’t WW come up with a 24 hour hot line where someone can call if they are going to go over their points and need a pep talk?

7. Last movie I saw at the movie theater- Rainman

8. I have over 100 blogs on my blogroll. That is blogariffic!

9. I am going to start adding some recipes. Cauliflower…watch out!!!

10. There are about 10 things I should be doing instead of writing this right now. I just could not wait until my next day off.

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