“You never comment on my blog!”

I am guilty of one of the worst blogging crimes. I will be the first to admit it.

I rarely comment on other blogs. I have no defense. It is true.

I wish I could say that I was too busy, or did not have enough time, but that is not true. Although I work and work out a lot, I do spend a hour or two on reading blogs every day.

I will tell you my reason…….

When I was 420 pounds, I heard advice from so many people.

“Eat More Protein”
“Workout More”
“You can do it!”

I hated it!

I never wanted to hear it from other people. It never motivated me. Maybe that makes me cold, but it is true.

When I lost my first 100 pounds, the only person who knew about it outside of Weight Watchers was my wife.

My mother, father, and brother had no idea.

The only comment on my first twenty blog posts was Carlos.

When I truly started to blog, I lost over 160 pounds. I was confident in my weight loss. I never blogged to get comments, I did it to share my experiences.

I think some people have the wrong idea about blogs. They try to write something so motivational so they get a pat on the back. I do not agree with that.

I also think some people get upset when they do not get as many comments as they used to.

“But you have so many followers!”

Having followers is great, but I would hope most just like the honesty of my writing. How hard it is to fail, and how wonderful it feels to succeed.

Someone asked me why I blog. Is it for fame, fortune, comments, friends?


It is for emails like this, and I am glad that I can help:


Thank you, not only for your website, blog, and advice, but for sharing your story and giving me that little bit of motivation for today. I stumbled upon a link to your blog yesterday from ______. I followed the link and began reading your entries from the spring of 2008, and then I spent the better part of three hours reading your entries. By no means did I read through every entry, but I saw your progression in those early months and it made getting out of bed and getting to the gym this morning that much easier. I had been slow in getting out of bed and not really looking forward to the gym for about a week now, but after reading some ( I do intend to finish the rest of the entries) of your story I had a little more motivation to get up and get moving. I’ve shared your blog with my wife, who is also on a journey to a healthier way of life. I also thank you for pointing out The F-Factor Diet. I picked it up yesterday after reading your endorsement. I figured if a real person, such as yourself, can make it work, then I can too. I have no illusions of this being an easy journey, but I know I can use help wherever I can find it. One month ago (August 3) I weighed in at 360lbs, but today (September 3) I weighed in at 330lbs and I’m proud of myself for a good start, but now it is about continuing. Thank you for sharing and showing that it is possible without pills, surgeries, starvation, or any other harmful method of cutting weight.

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