Do you remember in high school the cool muscular kid who wore the leather jacket and combat boots. He was mysterious, maybe a transfer from another school. He would lean against the wall with one boot up and smoke during lunch and everyone would wonder about him.

Well, I remember him as well. He used to punch me in the face and call me “Beefboy“!

I think people get the wrong idea about me. They see that I have been working out and eating well for a while. They think I have this no-nonsense approach on everything, like some boot camp crazy guy!

How wrong they are.

I am a weight-loss writer. I am not a fitness writer nor a health writer. I will always, always be a weight loss writer.

I am like most that read this blog. I know that no one is ever cured from overeating. I know there is no such thing as a bad meal, rather bad weeks. I know the humor of each can of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee being two servings.

Like someone will really eat half a can. Come on!

I am new to this success. I have lost weight before, then quit.

Maybe I thought I hit a plateau in the past.
Maybe it was too hard.
Maybe I just did not care.

Every day is still a struggle. I am doing well with it. I am working out, really trying to watch my portions, and writing about it as much as possible.

Most success stories go through the three C’s of weight loss which are

Confidence– “Yes, I can do it!”

Cocky– “Yeah, I drank my H2OOOOOO, now time to hit the gym boooyyyy!!”

Conceit– “I can not understand why you all struggle, it is not hard. You all are so weak!”

Maybe this is where I am different than most.

I stopped at the first C. I will never pass it!

I do think I can do it.

Easy, HEEELLLL NO! Feasible, heck yeah!

I read this post by Diana which I think is a must read for everyone who is in the weight-loss fight. How many times has this happened to you.

“It all started so innocently…..”

So this goes out to all in the struggle….

To those in the ring with new gloves on and has never taken a boxing lesson.
To those who have fought before but lost.
To those who do not want to fight yet are stuck in the ring.
To those who have won and lost rounds
To those who have been knocked around but still stand
To those who ate bad on Labor Day
To those who want it more than anything
To those who have bought the Acai Berry because nothing else has worked
To those who deserve this

You keep fighting the good fight…I am right there with you. I have my bruises, but I know people are cheering me on. Just like people are cheering you on!

Missouri 60 revelation #1- I am a writer.

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