So about a week ago I wrote a post about a WW Success Story who was struggling.

He usually writes an article every month about his weight loss. He wrote one the other day, and he is still struggling.

I hate it. I hate the fact that he is struggling and I hate the fact that he is down on himself.

You know, I am a member of Weight Watchers, so I do look at him like a family member. In fact, I look at everyone who loses weight as a family member. We all look good together and we all struggle together.

I do not ask for a lot, but today I want to see if you can help. He has one comment on his post and it is a negative one. I want to see, since you all love commenting so much, if you could drop him a positive line.

It sounds weird, but the more I see people succeed the more I truly believe that I can as well.

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