I wrote in a post that “People do not change”.

Very few people agreed with me, which I expected. Well, I am going to explain my philosophy.

To me, it would be very easy to tell people that I changed. That I eat differently and workout hard because I am a new man. I have a changed perspective on life. I think it would be easy to tell my wife that I changed and that is why I am a great father. It would be easy for me to tell you that I lost 200 pounds because I changed.

I could erase my past and blame it on laziness and selfishness.

Well, here is my issue.

When I look in the mirror, I see the same person. Someone who was always confident. Someone who is very humble. Someone who puts forth effort in everything he does.

I never changed.

Now comes the hard part. Now comes the big why?

Why did it take me so long to lose the weight?

This is something I need to understand about myself. I have to find that out. I have been dieting unsuccessfully for 20 years.

Now I know my limitations.

I know that extreme confidence will destroy a program.

Why am I writing about change. Well, I tried to change one aspect of my blog, and I could not do it.

Now, there is something different about my blog. I have turned off my comments.

There are a lot of different reasons why.

1. I would not understand why someone would comment on my blog, and then stop commenting all of the sudden. It would bother me.

2. I never understood why some crappy posts that took me 3 minutes to write would get 50 comments, yet a great post that I was proud of would get 7.

3. Comments would ruin a post. I have said this before, but when I put up the post“Normal 420 Pounder it bothered me that the first comments were about me being honest on a post that was a complete farce.

4.I would skew my posts based on how many comments I would get. I would not write from the heart, but what you would like.

5. A lot of comments were not heart felt. It was kind of like “Hey, I am commenting on your blog, why don’t you comment on mine”. Or comments that had nothing to do with the post but about their weight loss journey.

“I love that you wrote about Rebecca! You know, I lost 40 pounds in 3 years, and once I met a woman in Target named Rebecca and she was great! Remember, 40 pounds in three years!”

Now, do not get me wrong, most have left me some amazing comments.

Those are the same people that also leave me awesome Facebook comments,Twitter Mentions and fantastic emails. Those mean more to me than a comment on my blog.

Here is the main reason I turned off my comments:

I tried to love it.

When Jack Sh*t called me his “Arch-Nemesis” because he loved leaving comments, well………

I had to Google”Arch-Nemesis”.The first word on the definition was “evil”.

I am not evil.

No, in fact,I am a very caring person. One that worries if his son is okay all day long, and his wife is doing well. One that makes every decision based on his family and friends.

So I tried. I left some stupid comments on blogs:

“Way to go!”
“Nice blog design!”

I hated it. It is not me.

Do I have to leave a comment on Lyn’s blog for her to know that she is my favorite weight-loss blogger? Where so many blogs are getting lost in Blogher Conventions, starting new blogsites, not writing about weight loss, and product giveaways, Lyn’s blog is just a straight up awesome account of her life. Her victories and struggles.

Do I have to leave a comment on Jen’s blog to let her know how courageous she is? How much admiration I have for her. How strong she is? How she is handling a situation better than 99.9% of the population?

Do I have to leave a comment for Sean to let him know how great it was to speak to him on the phone. How he lost 200 pounds the way I wish I could. How much admiration I have for him, and why he is a great success story.

No, I do not.

We live in a world of technology. I have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a email account.

If you love something I write, you will let me know. It will mean more because you will put forth the effort. I never reject a Facebook friend, and I try to reply to quick emails, not ones that ask for my whole workout regimen, which I am still trying to work on that email.

Also, if you disagree with something I say, it will mean more from a email. I will respect the opinion better than one from a anonymous commenter, or one who wants to get their blog name out my chastising me on my blog.

My decision is weird. In fact, I do not know another weight loss blogger who has done it.

Here is what I do promise. My blogs will be more honest, and better written. They will make you laugh and cry. You will love me some days and hate me on other days.

Either way, I hope you read it.

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