This morning was awesome!!!

I woke up and checked my email and saw that I had over 50 of them! Usually I have around 5-10.

See, I did this AOL interview last week, and today it was one of the scrolling stories on the main page. Super cool! Now I can say to people

“Hi, I am Tony Posnanski, featured on CNN and AOL!!!!”

Now, I won’t do that, but it is nice to know that I could!!!

So I answered a lot of emails this morning. If I forgot yours, please do not be upset. Sometimes I do not get them all, so resend it!

I got a ton of different questions. About diet, exercise, excess skin, how to motivate spouses, and why I blog. I have answered all of these questions in the past, but it does not get old for me. I could answer them all day long!

There is one question that I got asked that I have been asked before. I do not understand why people ask this question. I have never brought it up because I would hope you know the answer. But, maybe not. Here is the question.

“Hi Tony! Ummm…not to get to personal, but has your “love” life gotten better since you lost the weight with your wife.”

One thing I am on here is candid about being over 400 pounds. I talk about how I used to sweat a lot, how I took a shower maybe once a week, how I owned very little clothing so I would wear it over and over again without washing it.

I talk about not being able to wipe myself and not feeling well. I went to the chiropractor four days a week, and I broke two chairs at work.

I was called many names by different people at 400 pounds.

In fact, a former boss once told me
“Tony, I would give you a raise, but you will be dead soon!”

Notice I said “former” boss.

I could not fit into a Dodge Durrango (Front Seat) and an airplane was out of the question. My wife could not hug me because she could not get her arms around me.

I have not seen a movie in a movie theater since Weekend At Bernie’s and I used to hold my hand in the air when the doctor told me to get on the scale.

I could not tie my shoes and I had to wear size 13 shoes even though I am normally a size 10.

So I will finally answer the question about my love life.

Has it gotten better?

Just a touch.

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