I am not a doctor or a health specialist.
I am not a Certified Trainer not a Nutritionist.
I am not a Weight Watchers leader nor am I weight loss researcher type of guy.

I am someone who has never played a sport. Someone who has always been overweight my whole life.

I am someone who would eat until I was full, and then eat some more. I never had control.

I am someone who was over 400 pounds, wore size 60 pants and a 5x shirt.

I am someone who should not look like the guy on the right…..yet that is exactly who I look like.

After losing 200+ pounds, there are things I had to realize along the way.

-I can not make excuses
-I have to strive for perfection each and every day
-The scale is a great tool, but it will not make me go into “plateau mode”
-Exercise is important, but Diet is essential
-Holidays are special, but overeating on them is not
-Life never gets easy
-Today is the only day I can make a difference
-Tomorrow never comes
-The past helps me go forward

Losing weight is hard and keeping it off is harder.

Being over 400 pounds was the hardest thing I ever went through though.

I will not do it again.

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