I am new to fatherhood, and it is the most amazing thing in the world.

Tuesdays are Daddy/Son day. We get to hang out, change diapers, fill up formula bottles, and play.

In my 33 years on this earth, there is no better feeling than holding my son. A little warm bundle of joy. He looks at me with eyes that I have seen before.

He makes faces that I have made before. When I stick my tongue out, he does the same. When I smile, he smiles. When I yell at the dog, well…he really does not do much.

I listen to his cries to see what they mean. Are they hungry cries or diaper cries? Sometimes I get it right, other times I do not. Either way I hold him until he stops crying.

I love the cute outfits he wears. One say “Organic Baby Safari” and another says “Jungle Friends” with a lion and tiger hanging out.

I wonder sometimes what his talents in life will be. Will he be an athlete, or love the arts? Will he be a great writer or a prolific leader? Maybe he will be a musician or maybe he will be President? It is to early to tell.

I look forward to his first day of school, and t-ball practice. When he wants to go see a movie, and when he tells me to park three miles away because he does not want his “Dad” to drive him places.

I look forward to when he asks me who “The Anti-Jared” is and when he has his first child. When he asks me for advice and when he tells me I am his hero….

Sorry, I am getting off subject.

So, the other day, someone asked me “So your saying you will never eat cake again?”

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