The other day I wrote something that some people did not agree with.

I am glad that people did not agree with it. In fact, I wish more people did not agree with things I say!

I wrote that I do not believe that people can change.

Now, I stand firm in those words. But I do feel like I need to explain why I believe that.

You see, I have always heard that there is “A light at the end of the tunnel”. This magical light that we are all striving to get to while walking through this dark tunnel.

I never agreed with that. I think it is backwards.

I have always believed there is “A tunnel at the end of the light.” A tunnel where we learn how strong we really are.

Last February when I made this commitment to lose weight/get healthy I was committed. I saw the light. I saw how I was hurting so many people around me. How I was killing myself. How I was making McDonald’s richer!

When I started on my journey, I saw the light.

Then it was time to walk through the tunnel.

It was so hard at first. I told my wife not to bring anything sweet/sugary/edible into the house.

She agreed.

I told her we would not go out to eat and if she did, not to bring home leftovers.

She agreed.

I packed my lunch every day to a restaurant where I could eat for free.

People laughed.

During this journey, I realized how strong I was. After a little while I told my wife to bring home whatever foods she wanted to.

She did.

We started going out to eat and I would make ridiculous requests at restaurants.

My wife laughed.

At work, I would still bring food to eat.

People still laughed.

Walking through this tunnel of weight-loss was cold. It was not easy. Being the outcast, not eating “what I wanted to”, not having those festive Thanksgiving Dinners!

But I have not changed. I was a strong outcast at 420 pounds.

See, I never knew myself. I did not want to. Beating myself up for being so big did not give me a chance to love this strong willed caring person I am!

I never knew my full potential until now.

The 420 pound laughing stock of a man was actually a strong willed person. One who cared about his family and one who cared about himself.

People always ask me “Do you think you will gain the weight back.”

I would always say “There is a chance.”

But maybe there is no chance I will gain it back. Maybe I can do this!

So do I think people can change?

Maybe not.

But I also do not think you have found your true potential. You are strong, you just do not know it!

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