I am a fan of this Jack Sh*t character.

He is a weight loss blogger who writes funny things one minute, then inspiration things the next.

Every one of his posts seem to be thought out and well written.

Plus, he has lost over 60 pounds!

Although his blog is funny, that is not the reason I like him. I like him because of the comments he leaves on other blogs. He knows when to be funny and when to be helpful. He supports so many people. He is a great asset to the weight-loss blogging community.

That’s right Blogher, make him a member!!!!!!! Because his true identity is Valerie Bertinelli!

Anyway, he wrote something the other day that made me think a little. It was a funny post about poker that I looked at a different way.

See, I feel like my life is like a hand of Texas Hold-Em.

When I was born, I was given two cards.

Those cards were a 2/7 off-suit.

That is statistically the worst two cards you can get in poker. Most people fold when they get those cards.

Yet I played them my whole life.

I always thought that things in my life were “in the cards”.

When my friends could eat and not gain any weight, yet I did, it was my poor metabolism.
It was in the cards.
When girls wanted to be my friend rather than date me.
It was in the cards.
When I was over 400 pounds.
It was in the cards.

I always was jealous of the people who were dealt the pair of Aces.
Lucky jerks!
I was always jealous of the guys who could get tons of girl’s phone numbers.
I wanted to be a guy under 300 pounds.
Why can’t I !

Yet for some strange reason I never folded. I never threw in my cards.

Sure, I had bumps along the way. I do not have a great prom memory or a fantastic first kiss (Well, except from my wife which I remember).

I never gave up. Sometimes I did not put in as much effort as I should have, but I never just stood there and said “I’m Done!”

So the other day I was on the computer and I saw my wife dancing with my son.

I saw how happy my wife is now. How she loves her job, how blessed we are to have a beautiful child.

I also see how for the first time in nine years my wife is not worried about me dying of a heart attack.

I see how important my family is to me. Where it is my first priority. Me included!

You see, I kept this 2/7 off suit. Finally God threw down the next three cards.

Three sevens! My horrible hand turned into a four of a kind!

Now I see what a great hand in life I really have.

And yes, I am all in! I am not jealous anymore!

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