I talk about my fruits, vegetable, lean meats, working out, loving my wife, baby, inspiration, etc….

Today, I am going to talk about my addiction to food. And my past love affair with..

McDonald’s Sweet and Sour sauce.

I remember when McNuggets first came out. Although I was not impressed with them, I ate a lot of them.

The 6 and 9 piece was always a joke to me.

The 20 piece was the way to go!

I remember ordering it with Sweet and Sour sauce all the time. In fact, I did not realize for the longest time that there were other sauces available, like BBQ and Honey.

Well, there was nothing like that orange sauce.

I never understood why it was orange, yet sweet and sour sauce at Chinese restaurants and the grocery store was red (I was always fooled by duck sauce, which is orange and very gross).

Well, the McDonald’s Sweet and Sour sauce was not just for nuggets for me.

I used it for my fries.
Then I would put it on the cheeseburgers.
Once in a while I put it on a Fillet O’ Fish.
Also a Big Mac here and there!

I really loved the sauce!

I would order 10-15 packs of it every time I went to McDonald’s. I have used it on some things you might think are gross, which include:

1. Dipped an Oreo in it
2. Put it on Ice Cream
3. Dipped it in pizza
4. Poured it on a Lean Cuisine ( Glazed Chicken if I am not mistaken)
5. Put it in a Diet Coke

I think the low of the “Sweet and Sour Sauce Love” came when I was driving home from work and was incredibly hungry. I drove to the 24 hour McDonald’s only to see four cars in front of me at the drive-thru. While in line, I had an empty McDonald’s bag next to me with a few packs of sauce.

One by one I put the sauce in my mouth. Like shots of whiskey the Sweet and Sour would go in my stomach.

I had 12 packs before I ordered more food. That is 600 calories (50 calories a pack) worth of Sweet and Sour sauce. Then I ordered probably 5000 calories worth of McDonald’s, with another 10-15 pack of the sauce.

You see, I should not be the guy who lost 200 pounds and gained muscle. I should not be this “tough-love inspirational” guy!

I beat every single odd. If you would have known me at 400 pounds, you would have laughed at me when I would tell you I was going to lose weight.

I should be the guy who struggles week after week, who wants a simple way to lose weight.

Yet, I am not.

I know what being destroyed by food is like. Chocolate, pizza, Sauce, etc.

Yet, I realized that staying away from it would be the best idea.

See, I am just like the McDonald’s Sweet and Sour sauce!

A one of a kind!

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