I am in the minority when I say this, but I am not a fan of Jillian Michaels.

Do not get me wrong, she is in really good shape and her face is everywhere.

But there are a couple of things that bother me about her.

1. I always hear she was overweight. Well, where are the pictures? I did a little research, and I read that she burned all of them.
Sorry, but as a former 400 pound person, that does not motivate me. I was not ashamed of being heavy, just scared I would die of a heart attack.
Maybe I just think she is saying that to relate to someone like me.

2. Fitness is not about being a “bad ass”. Getting in shape is about smart eating and smart workouts. Not about getting angry and wearing camo bandannas and kicking doors down. Being tough never helped me lose weight.


3. She ain’t no Susan Powter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, Susan Powter, the original “Jillian Michaels”!

As a kid I loved Susan Powter. I watched her infomercials over and over again! I read her books. I would yell “Stop the Insanity” all the time!

In the early 90’s, diets consisted of Diet Coke, a Lean Cuisine and a dream!

Very few foods had the nutritional information on it.
Restaurants rarely had a healthy option.

Truthfully, dieting was not harder then, just different.

My mom loved Richard Simmons. I have always had a lot of respect for him, but it did not seem like he was talking to me. It always seemed like he was talking to an older generation (Well, older than me.)

Side note- I will always respect him for putting overweight people in his workout videos. I wish more people would do that!

But Susan Powter was the one for me!

She told me to “Stop The Insanity!” At 13, I would do anything to lose weight.

The way she spoke just moved me. How she lost over 100 pounds with such “ease”! How she had so much confidence. How she bashed the diet industry!

God I loved her! She is still such an inspiration to me. She was such a “Weight-loss power” in the 90’s!

For 20 years I lost weight. I tried to “Stop the Insanity” but it always came back!

For seven months now I have kept it off.

Now, the question I asked was who is the better “diet guru”- Jillian Michaels or Richard Simmons?

My Opinion- There is no such thing as a diet guru. If there was, we would all be healthy!

But…..Susan Powter is the closest one for me.

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