” I have strawberries and raspberries. I read you eat Egg Beaters…or was that eggs? Either way I have both in the refrigerator. I have some cottage cheese and I was not sure if you likes Granny Smith apples or the Red ones, so I got both. I also Map Quested the gym for you. I know you remember where it is. it is where the old Burlington Coat Factory is!”

This is the first thing my mom said to me when I went to visit my father in the hospital.

” You look good. The working out has paid off. So what are you eating now, cucumbers. You probably should eat more than cucumbers. I read on your blog you are using the..what is this..elliptical machine? Is that like walking or something”

This is the first thing my father said to me after surgery.

” The gym is only 30 minutes away. I really think you should go to the gym. You really will not miss much yet. Get a good workout, take a shower and come back. I think they sell apples downstairs and they have a good salad bar. See you soon!”

This is the first thing my wife said to me when I took her to the hospital during labor.

” Okay, I will come over around 2pm. That will give you about three hours. Go to the gym, and then go shopping after. I do not mind coming over at all, I will help around the house, you just go work out.”

This is the first thing my mother and father in law said to me when we brought the baby home.

“Wow, you have a blog? Sure I will put a link on a post!”

This is what my brother said after he heard I had a blog.

“I would love to help you with a website! You can reach a lot more people!”

This is what my sister-in-law said after she saw my blog.

How did I lose 200 pounds?

I surrounded myself with great people!

Will I fail?

No, I do not think I will. I do not think people will let me!

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