This was the last thing I thought I would read today.

A few weeks back, I had a StairMaster challenge with Jen. It was a silly little “who can go the longest” kind of thing. I lost.

The best part of the challenge was the newest follower I had.

She would leave me great comments and support me. She was funny and never condescending. She reminded me a lot of my mom.

She was Jen’s mom.

She wrote me a email a few weeks back. I am not going to post it because I think there were some personal parts, but she basically was telling me how proud she was of her daughter, and she knew the pain that I went through. How great it was to be a parent and how much she loved her family.

Here was my reply,

I read about you on the StairMaster and that is awesome!!! My mom supports me as well. She does not comment as much, but when she does it is great encouragement!

I understand about the whole story. Your daughter has a great blog. I see how many people relate to her. She can really go far with it. I would suggest for her to spice up her website and make it more interactive. She has an incredible following!

I understand about stories as well. I tell a lot, but I keep a lot back. If I told my whole story, people would be amazed. I think that is the same thing for your daughter.

You have the hardest job. You, like my wife, are having to watch someone live a “overweight” life. The only thing I can say is keep on being supportive! It seems to work for your little 100 pound loser!!!

When I was in my 20’s I knew what to do to lose weight, but never put forth any effort. it is great to see Jen go the distance. I wish her all the best. It is great to see someone like her with a fantastic story!!!


Tony Posnanski

Please go to Jen’s blog and give her support. My heart and prayers go out to her family.

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